River rafting! Adventure time!

Quite some time ago, the wife purchased a Groupon for a river rafting adventure in Squamish with Canadian Outback Rafting Co.  This entailed a drive to Squamish to be there by 8:30am.  A brief orientation, and gear fitting, then piling into two buses and taking an hour and a half journey into the woods of the Squamish area.   The bus ride could  have been dull and arduous but the guides made it a light and pleasing trip.  We went around the bus introducing ourselves, explaining any swimming, paddling or rafting experience we had, and what we were looking forward to in the fall/winter coming up.   I got to explain that a long…long, LONG time ago I was a lifeguard, and swimming instructor.  I have some sea kayak experience and a ton of canoeing experience from Boy Scouts…  looking forward…  spending time with my lovely wife (got some bonus ‘awwwws’ from people on the bus).

When we got there, it was time for a little more orientation, this time for safety.   We then got separated into groups and piled into the rafts.   Some groups were set into 9’s, and a few groups went to 8’s.  We were in one of those 8’s.   There were two people from the Vancouver area, and 4 people from China in our raft… along with our guide Scott.  He’s originally from the Jasper area of Alberta, and has been guiding in the summers, and working in the oil patch for the winters back in Alberta.   He made us feel safe, challenged, and entertained the whole time… great job Scott!

The wife and I had a blast on the river…  at one point on a lazy spot of the river Scott said it was ok to jump in if you wanted…  the other Vancouver guy was up for it, and both him and I jumped in (me with a flippy style entry).  On the way to get back in after quite a while in there (was pretty damn cold to be honest), I went to get out…  in a kind of jerk move I just laid there like dead weight and had the wife try to pull me in on her own without any help…   that of course didn’t work.  So… I got the a little Chinese girl beside her to help out…  still no luck.  Then the other guy got involved and I actually helped instead of lying like dead weight.  Tee hee!

The trip was a great adventure… we all had a great time (except for the tiniest Chinese girl in the boat… about 3/4 of the way in she looked worn out, and cold)!   By the end the wife was asking when/if we should go again.  Good sign!

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