Great deal on cell service for limited time…

Yeah, yeah…I know that looks like a spam post, but both the wife and i switched our plans to take advantage of a great limited time deal.

I have been with Public Mobile for a while now and have been liking what I’m getting so far. You may not know of them because they don’t advertise, and there’s no kiosks or stores. They are a division of Telus (so exact same coverage, service, and speed)…but only sell SIM cards and service. You need your own unlocked cell phone because they don’t sell or subsidize phones. What you end up with is generally a plan that Telus would charge $80-120 / month for a fraction of that. If you have problems, the only resource is a website forum for you to ask your questions there, and the community will try to help with answers. It’s up to you to decide if you want to pay $30-40 per month essentially for customer service and support. I don’t.

Ok, the promotion… unlimited provincial calling, unlimited international text messaging, 90 day billing cycle (3 months at a time for your bill…), voicemail, caller id, and 12 gb of data (4gb/month). This goes for $120 + taxes. That works out to $40/month! Crazy! You can get $5 off each billing cycle by putting payments automatically to a credit card, and you can get discounts for referring friends (so if you are going to switch, please let me know, and use me as a referrer).

I have a Nexus 6P, the wife has a OnePlus One, and we have been enjoying the speed and service for a while… this promo deal that I’m talking about only lasts until November 20th, so if you are going to act, you will have to act fast (Public Mobile link).

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