Kanaka Creek, and Cliff Falls…

Kanaka Creek and Cliff Falls

Another Sunday, another foray into the wilds (or not so wilds) of the Vancouver and surrounding area.  This time… Maple Ridge.

We hadn’t been hiking for a while, so something a little more tame seemed the logical choice for us, and the weather seemed to be barely holding in there.   The wife found a hike in an area that I had been looking at a few weeks ago, so we piled in the Escape and made for the ‘burbs.

The park is small in comparison to many of the hikes and such we’ve done… the whole thing took us about an hour or so.  It could have taken longer, but the fish hatchery on premise is undergoing some major renovations (some of which are supposed to be done) and the whole place is fenced off as a construction zone.

The falls are small, but pretty… the park itself is nice and quiet, and quite under used.   There were some people there, but not a whole lot.

This would make for a good year round walk around if you didn’t have a lot of time, but had a burning desire for some outdoors in a controlled type environment.

Kanaka Creek and Cliff Falls

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