Anker Powerport 5 USB-C Charger Review

Ok… first review.   For travel purposes, dragging around a plug for all the USB devices (phone, watch, wife’s phone, wife’s watch, camera, laptop, whatever else…) was getting to be a pain.  So, after some reading around and checking other people’s reviews, I decided to pick up this Anker USB charger.

It has 4 regular USB plugs, and a USB-C plug as well.  This comes in handy for me, as I have a Nexus 6P which features a USB-C port.   If you have no idea what that is… it’s USB, but it is symmetrical.  There’s no wrong way to plug in a USB-C plug.   Upside right and upside down are things of the past…  it also allows for a LOT more juice to flow through the cable into your device.   A few phones are using it, a few laptops and Chromebooks as well.  It is the wave of the future, and getting a multi-charger now without it just seems silly.

Using the charger with my tablet, mini-notebook and phone at the same time does not stress the thing out at all.  It is fairly compact with a removable cord.   It is multi-voltage compatible (good for those trips across whichever pond I’m choosing at the time), and most importantly… it has circuitry that analyzes how much power the device connected needs, and provides that amount.  No danger of having too much or too little power going to your device.

After owning it for a couple of months, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest it to anyone.   I picked mine up from for a reasonable price, but the 40W version must be out of production, the price has skyrocketed.  An alternative that I’m linking is a 60W version which will allow for a little larger items charging all at the same time. They also make a few models with folding plugs for extra compactness on the trips, no USB-C though.

Jeff approved!  🙂

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