Satomi Sushi…

chirashi sushi from Satomi Sushi

** Update **

Unfortunately Satomi Sushi has closed now.  If you didn’t get a chance to go… you missed out.  🙁

For a few months now, when passing back from Metrotown to home, I have looked in to see if Satomi Sushi was not so busy…. and it took quite a while.  I generally don’t want to wait to sit in a restaurant…  to those people that are willing to wait 3/4 of an hour to eat at Sushi Garden… go ahead.  I’ll go to either Isami Sushi, or Satomi now (both equidistant from Sushi Garden as a central point).   Both are run by Japanese people… whether families or not, that I don’t know….  but quality, and good friendly service is top notch.   Am I willing to pay a little more for that…  yes, yes I am.

You can read my Yelp! review for some more insight into what the wife and I had…   Give it a try if you’re in the neighbourhood for either sushi, or some other Japanese fare.

Read Jeff F.‘s review of Satomi Sushi on Yelp

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